I'm really feeling it!

Five more minutes? Nope, its Monday, so get your silly arses out of bed. This is the Community Calendar Blip Monday Super Early Action Report Update Edition (But Not Really) Regular TAY-Blip.

Rise and shine, and smell that [whatever you had for breakfast], DELICIOUS! This is the Community Calendar blip!

Good morning TAY! This is your weekly TAYlendar blip! If you where not aware we made some changes...from last week feedback, but if you have some please drop by.

Good afternoon! This the weekly TAYlendar TAY-blip! If you where aware, we made some changes to what could be added. :FEEDBACK: Besides that, July is just about to end. Summer Games Done Quick is finishing up today, have a look if you haven't already.

Good afternoon TAY! This is the community calendar Monday blip! It is still July, and EVO has finished up. Hope we see some stories come up if you had a chance to attend. Now....San Diego Comic Con is on the 18th! Also don't forget to go in the calendar and help fill in those dates for October with wounderfull cons

Good morning TAY! This is the community calendar Monday blip! The second week of July has already begun, and we already had some exiting events. GBD had a blast at the Pokemon Nationals, FLSupercon (for those living on the Sunshine Sate)has come and gone, and this Friday the 12th, the Evo Championship begins (Homepage)

We say goodbye to June, and say hello to July! So hey there TAY, this is just the Monday community Taylendar blip. I added October so have fun.