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Taking the Easy Way Out

The easy way gets harder all the time...

You ever reach a point where you’re so devoid of energy, so indescribably unmotivated, that even life’s most common complexities seem like impossible hurdles? I’m talking the kind of mood that makes it hard to pick up the TV remote that’s two feet out of your reach. The kind of mood that makes getting out of bed a Herculean task. The kind of mood where every choice you make has exactly one determining factor: how easy it is to do.

This type of lethargic ennui obviously has a negative impact to productivity, but I’ve found it also impacts how I approach recreational activities. If I’m feeling this way and browsing through anime, I will always choose a show I’ve already seen that requires a very small amount of brain power to enjoy. If I’m selecting a video game to play, I’ll pick something that is both easy to win and on a console that requires zero effort to set up. This reveals a hidden quality to these works that is invisible until you reach such a powerful lull in motivation: accessibility to the effort-impaired.


Mobile games have all but perfected this trait. You could go set up one of your expensive, engaging games on your nice new TV, but your phone is already in your hand! Right where it always is. There almost literally could not be less effort expended to play a game on it. I firmly believe that the games you will find on such a platform are inherently inferior experiences, but god damn are they easy to access.

You might think that this post is meant to be some kind of comment on game design, or perhaps an analysis of the state of the mobile gaming market and where it gets its appeal. Nope. It’s an excuse for wasting all of my free time playing Fire Emblem Heroes instead of writing a half decent article. It’s not even going to conclude properly. It’s just going to end.

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