At SXSW, myself and a legion of gamers joined Telltale and Gearbox for a nice panel discussion about their new game Tales from the Borderlands. Here's what's in store the franchise:

There will be two playable characters

Unlike previous Borderlands games, players will take on the roll of two non-vault hunting characters. Rhys is an employee at Hyperion and a talented hacker who can, among other things, take control of robots remotely. Fiona, on the other hand, is an infamous con artist whose fast talking ways can easily get her in, or out trouble.

Emphasis is on story, not guns

Much like how Marcus retells the story of the vault hunters in both Borderlands games, Rhys and Fiona will be retelling their respective experiences living on Pandora. Both Telltale and Gearbox see this joint venture as a way of expanding the canonical Borderlands universe, but not the number of guns available to collect As compensation, players will receive more comedy, and Tell Tale-esque action sequences.

Expect more drama

After the events of Borderlands 2, Pandorians have been affected by the actions of the vault hunters, and not always in good ways. Along with your laughs, expect to have some tender feelings, especially for all the innocent bystanders. Even some of the vault hunters themselves may not be so hot. After all, Roland and Bloodwing are (spoiler alert) dead.


Choices, choices, choices

Like other Telltale games, Tales from the Borderlands is all about choices. Throughout the story, how players conduct themselves will influence how the story unfolds. Unlike the Walking Dead, instead of being presented with two very bad choices - save this person, let this other person live - players will choose from two very attractive choices. The rub is still the same, however, you only get to pick one.

This is a Tell Tale game

Rather than a FPS, run-and gun-experience, Tales from the Borderlands will be a more cinematic, third person, single-player experience. There are no plans for co-op.