As a part of our newest writers workshop curriculum we are having students brainstorm a veritable library of topics that they feel comfortable writing about. This is so they can "free write" at a moments notice.

An ABC chart is a piece of paper with 27 boxes. The big one is for the subject and the 26 others each have a letter of the alphabet. You're supposed to write a subject like "Things I love", and then write in words that start with different letters. A is apple pie, B is for back rubs, and so on.

Today we filled out an ABC chart for "What bugs me". I monitored the room and helped students with the less common letters like Q and X. One of my boys upfront got done very quickly (I guess lots of stuff bugs him) and as I scanned his list I noticed he had a lot of really clever entries, like "Online Ads" for O. But nothing beat Z. He had saved the best for last.


Needless to say he received a high five.