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So I was browsing around Steam today, and noticed Tales of Zestiria popped up. I was aware of the game getting ported to PC, which seems to be happening more frequently with JRPGs. I’m pretty happy with seeing more of Japan on my platform of preference, especially given their games were one of, if not the biggest reason I owned consoles in the past.

I don’t play as many JRPGs now, but my past included Vagrant Story, both Lunars, Grandia 1-2, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger & Cross, Rogue Galaxy and the good Final Fantasies that didn’t include Tidus or Junctioning. Tales has always been in there too, as never an amazing series, but Symphonia, Abyss and Vesperia I liked a good amount...especially because of co-op in my dorm during college.


Looking down on the Steam page, I saw some pre-order reward tiers, which I don’t find common anymore. So I was curious what they’d offer, and the first 2 are the basic stuff you’d expect like skins and weapons, EXCEPT you get a FREE COPY of Tales of Symphonia!

For one, I didn’t even know Tales of Symphonia was getting a PC port as well, much less it would come as a pre-order reward. Even stranger, they’re giving you a free game that won’t even come out until after Zestiria, sometime in 2016. Never seen a company do this before, but it’s an interest way for a series coming to PC to give you combo pack of a new entry, and older favorite.

So long as these extras don’t somehow cancel Steam Refunding, or ‘bad port insurance’... maybe this is worth checking out if you’re interested.

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