I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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A Tales of Zestiria Collector’s Edition has been announced for Europe! Based on past experience, my guess is a very similar CE will be announced for North America very soon.


On top of that, a PC version of Tales of Symphonia has been announced for Steam, and if they receive enough preorders of the previously announced Steam version of Tales of Zestiria, all preorders will get Tales of Symphonia as well! Sounds like a good deal to me, assuming both ports ark-HAM- *clears throat* - err, sorry, are - stable upon release.

Speaking of Tales of Symphonia, if you do not have a GameCube or a PS3, and you’ve never played Tales of Symphonia, then this is the perfect opportunity. Especially if you’ve never played a Tales game before. It isn’t my particular favorite (and it’s difficult for me to really choose one), but it is a favorite among many in the Tales fan community, and I still regard it as one of the best. Check it out, seriously. Because Tales of Symphonia is a great place to start.

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