Okay, so it looks like this tay blog is going to become the new Kotaku's sort of community open thread? TAY was pretty huge a couple of years ago so I hope this takes off. I've been clicking around the options to see what's new and there's some cool stuff here now! In the lower left there's a publish delay option, is that what you staff writers use when writing around an embargo date? I can't imagine that deferred publishing is going to have a ton of utility for the common commenter, but it's nice to have. No reason to remove the functionality after all.

Edit 1, testing video embed:

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Do we know how to make allow annotations on an image? I'm not seeing that anywhere in this composition window... not that there's much to say about Pink Floyd anyway, the appropriate response is reverent silence.

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Just because they won't link here doesn't mean we need to ice them out too