Talk Amongst Yourselves is a quaint little hovel on the edge of the internet. Where some sites have rabid, bloodthirsty denizens, TAY consists of proud beings that wish only to entertain and enlighten โ€” through repetition and rehashing of the same subjects.

But is it necessarily a bad thing?

When TAY was formed back in the day it was created, it boasted creative, original content and featured many different articles that catered to the many likes of those inhabiting this abode. However, as technology has advanced, and our ability to pay attention has diminished, TAY has evolved to a wondrous level of Social Darwinism โ€” over-saturating a site with one set of ideas, thus weeding out anyone else who finds anything else interesting.

Because the best way to attract new people is to never stop talking about the same things we have already covered an eternity ago.


Fun fact โ€“ Anime exists. There was a time I didn't know that. In fact, at one point I believed Cowboy Bebop was just Western terminology for rustlin' the lady-friend's cattle. However, at one point on TAY I became enlightened to what anime was. And I continued to learn what it was, and how many different ones there were; just judging from the amount of content relating to all things anime I must be missing out on quite a bit.


I've seen more Anime posts in one month than there were episodes of Cowboy Bebop. But, in good news, we have locked down anime so hard that Steve Blum is auditioning to voice the articles.

However, that's not to say it's a bad thing. I think it's great that we have so much content, in such a little amount of time, that every article that was written in a one month period can be linked into, and fill, an entire paragraph. Thus proving that we can never have enough anime, otherwise people would have noticed how completely saturated TAY was with just one topic.


(For those uninterested in clicking those links, there should be 40 of them. That's right! Forty anime articles in a one month period.)


Back in the day, before reviews, we had opinions. But these weren't just any opinions, mind you. These were opinions that didn't rely on a header, or an image, to get the job done. In fact, what we did was we conveyed our ideas through thought-out sentences and paragraphs that flowed from one topic to the next. And this, this barbaric means of stating opinions, was Talk Amongst Yourselves' version of the 5 1/4" floppy. These were the dark times for TAY, as no one could be bothered to read without any kind of catchy image to convey good, mediocre, and bad things about a game or topic. Something was undeniably missing.


But then, the second coming! Delivered unto us was a review format that could easily be used by any and all who possessed the ability to not just copy, but also paste. A new era was born โ€“ the era of the daily review. This was something that truly shaped TAY into the Kotaku-esque powerhouse it tried so desperately not to be.

These reviews, and the review format, were a blessing, because now people could look at the colorful images and actually be bothered to read. And when we noticed people actually read these reviews, we decided that we needed more of them, that there could never be enough! And, as I gaze on TAY, and see several reviews daily, I am inclined to agree that having reviews of literally anything anybody could ever think of was the correct choice, as it is something that surely makes us completely different from every gaming site that has ever been.

We aren't just taking the road less traveled; we're building a super-highway right through it.



If reviews and anime are what we should be basing the number of things prevalent on TAY off of, then we are in dire need of more podcasts. With the rampant popularity of reviews and anime, even anime reviews, I believe the fact that we have only two different podcasts is definitely a shame and we are capable of making many, many more, based on a wide variety of anything.


You see, Talk Amongst Yourselves is full of creativity โ€“ When we come up with an idea that seemed original seven years ago, we then muster as much creativity as we need to make it come to fruition.

But like all things fresh and new, the popularity of doing a podcast is prevalent. Judging by how many people want to participate in a podcast clearly shows that it is only a matter of time before we have a monopoly on the podcast industry as well. In a mighty roar we will take to the internet and declare that if they can do podcasts ours will essentially be no different and no one should expect anything more than that!


Everything Else

There is no room for anything else here on TAY. There is no room for original artwork, no room for craftiness. If someone wants to participate in those hobbies they had best find somewhere else to do that because TAY is not the right place for them. How will anyone notice their articles if there is no anime involved. Will people care about a drawing if they don't also include a review of it? Can people be bothered with reading how someone created an ensemble, in which to cosplay in, when it is much more convenient to listen to how it was made over an hours long conversation?

I think not. Because, if people truly cared about such things they would be much more popular and, as a result, have hundreds of articles dedicated toward them.


No, Talk Amongst Yourselves is not for people who dare to be different. TAY is for the like-minded people to share the same thoughts and opinions about the same subject because there is literally nothing else in the world to talk about. And, because there is nothing more interesting than reviews and anime, we will never cease talking about it.


Talk Amongst Yourselves has switched from a site being all about having different ideas, to becoming a place where if an idea is successful, people will demonstrate that they have the ability to conform and go with whatever is cool โ€” by doing whatever is popular at the time.

As of right now, Talk Amongst Yourselves has achieved High School society status. If something is popular, you best be ready to make sure you are part of the 'in crowd', otherwise you will be overshadowed and forgotten.

Much like any idea that isn't related to reviews, anime, and podcasts.