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Tate's Comics: an oasis for those with money

Let me share a trip to a wonderful local shop...

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Now, what is Tates's Comics? Here's just a title bit of history; Its a family owned shop that has gowned since it open its door in 1993. But the awesome part is the owner Tate Ottati, who did it at seventeen. Remember 1993 way before any one could obtain anything anime related on the states with ease....


*This one trip consisted of my older brother[R], and wonderful sister in law[P], and myself.

So how does a typical trip to the shop even begin? With a 50ish minute drive with utmost attention to highway signs, mostly by R. We don't want to end up at a particular park with a certain copyrighted, trademarked, and iconic rodent...also no stops >_>

But there is no way to miss the shop once we get there. Since we are confronted by three large distinctive female faces, each glaring while licking their lips as to go for the kill.

So, the first thing we go for once inside?


If there is one thing R, and I love is Gundam models kits. The shop is the only one that we are aware that has a nice stocks available of kits, and other product goodness.


I spot a Zaku I Black Tri-Star -3- Dat purple!

Its just one wall, but other shops that carry model kits of any kind don't (like at all!). Although a majority of it are high grade kits, there are master grades, and a few pricy perfect grades are available(RX-78-2). This is the part when we start considering giving our wallets to P to hold then for us. But soo many choices...


Its hard to tell, but there is a lot going on in the shop. Sooo much that I wish I had taken more pics in general >_>;

Oh welph!

What's up next? EVERYTHING.

We make the long trip to the shop because we just love the sheer amount of goods there is. Like the sheer abundance of Totoro plushies, and art books from Studio Ghibli's films.


So much Totoro that you could drown in it... But aside from those you can find toys, models, and gender benders in large quantity of which ever anime or live action series you love and hold dear. Won't even attempt to describe in detail, a photo is worth a thousands words or something smart.


There is even am 'easy to miss but totally not hidden' manga section :0

I need this to complete my life!


The Star War section, and it really does have everything for everyone... And those two don't come cheap, especially that scruffy looking one >_>

*R noticed the old Bubba Fett suit was no longer in display. SOLD

Wish the section for LOTR, and The Hobbit section had as much sweet stuff....pez dispensers


Let's not forget the 80s, because nothing beats some old pumped up, drug up, action packed, pro-AMURIKA shows, and toys to go along side anime.



Okay...at this point of the trip we just separate and go or own separate way in the shop. Even P ditches R, and we enter our own state of mind...

And each of us have their own distinctive tastes on chinaware.


It is logical to buy fine chinaware, and the Cpt. Picard set is sold out j _ j

Would love to take dinner where no dinner has gone before, Also the Doctor Who's plates aren't bad either...okay getting a bit emotional...here's Iron Man while I settle down.




Was not kidding about the sheer amount of awesome the shop is full off. Walking around the shop, the strong sense of nostalgia, and feels hits hard. All your childhood, wonderful toys, heroes, and villains are there. Also mustaches, because mustaches.

The comics section, and graphic novels doesn't disappoint. Since recent issues(at least for the stuff I follow is) can be found.



The only issue we notice about Tate's Comic is pricing.

How so? A Stark coffee mug will go for $12, but a Greyjoy is set for half that amount. R and I understand that the shop has to turn a profit in order to provide the wonderful stuff to everyone who makes the trip. We overlook the prices(not always), because they go out of their way to stock the shop full with a large variety of product.


I did buy the Greyjoy coffee mug, and its one my most prized possession besides my Gunpla.

There is a reason it has been around for 20 years, and the dedication shows.


And To Those That Aspire

The same section from the above image, is where you can find a small art galley. Art by local artist, and a couple you might recognize.


Its one of those thing that is the most enjoyable about TaTe, since in the ground floor there is as well a section of handmade comics. A small way of being local, also apparently (besides sponsored local events >_>) the first Wednesdays are free pizza days....always miss that important info.


It really is a wonderful shop, and the trips although short are worthwhile. Its like a very small convention that you can go when ever you can. But since we only arrived an hour or a tad more before closing we make it short. So P begins to look for us, and we being to make final decisions on buying certain items or just candy.

We get candy :3

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