I'm really feeling it!

Well people it’s coming... much faster than I think many of you realize... It’s only 2 and a half more weeks till Christmas! Are you ready? Do you have all you gifts wrapped? Is your Christmas baking done yet? It must not be because I haven’t received any cookies in the mail...

How’s my Christmas planning and festivities coming? Oh how nice of you to ask! I just have a couple more gifts to figure out, and then it’s on to wrapping. The tree is up, the lights are hung outside, Christmas cookies are being pulled out of the oven as we speak, one sec, let me go grab one... Wait! What the hell are these! Oatmeal chocolate chip! What the heck does oatmeal chocolate chip have to do with Christmas! There is an approved list of Christmas baking and I don’t see oatmeal chocolate chip anywhere on here do you? No I didn’t think so... Come on man at least sugar cookies or something, maybe some festive gingerbread men! Look I like chocolate chip as much as the next guy, probably more even... but this is sacrilegious! I hope you are looking forward to spit in your stocking cuz Santa won’t even leave you some coal for this travesty! areakhtrhlkhafhra!


Sorry about that...

Now where was I?

Oh yes! I remember, Christmas cheer and happiness! Our radio has been tuned to all Christmas music all the time, and I think my wife my try to smother me in my sleep, so if anybody notices that I’ve gone silent here on Tay, could somebody look into that? I kind of understand where she is coming from though... If I hear Mariah Carey one more damn time I may just smother myself, so for anybody else who is in the same music boat as me, I’ve gone ahead and prepared this alternate music playlist to give you a break from the normal circle of Christmas tunes (some songs could be considered NSFW I guess):

It’s also about that time of year that I start up a playthrough of Final Fantasy 9, for some reason when I think of Christmas, I always think of Fossil Roo... I rarely actually get all the way through but I do start it yearly. That may be just the break I need to cure my Fallout burnout.

So enough about me! How are all you others coming along this holiday season? Did you find that perfect gift for someone and you just need to tell someone because it kills you inside, knowing you have something so awesome for someone but you have to wait till Christmas to give it to them (does this happen to anyone else or is it just a me thing)? What Christmas special are you waiting to watch? There is only one correct answer:


Okay maybe I would also accept the Muppets Christmas Carol, or National Lampoons Christmas Vacation...

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