Hello TAY! It seems you guys love aliens, gremlins, Elvis and Frankenstein. All good things indeed. Here are your winners!


Bubba Ho-Tep


Young Frankenstein

This Thursday we will start with Alien. So join us in the AIM chat room at 9 p.m. EDT where we will synchronize our watches and hit play. I checked Netflix (as did Cruz - thanks Cruz!) and did not see it for streaming. Whhhhaaaa...?! Amazon has it for $2.99 streaming. Update: and thanks to Aiden for checking but it appears it is not available for streaming either on Hulu.

Look for me at 8:30 p.m. or so on Thursday night under Zarnyx or Zarnyx Uriel to be added to the chatroom.

Hope to see you there!

Image Source: www.poeghostal.com