I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY 101: Welcome

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Kotaku. Kotaku changes. A lot. Since the dawn of videogame blogging, when our ancestors first discovered the entertaining potential of blogs and videogames, Kotaku has changed in the name of everything: from a simple, insatiable desire for more page clicks to just because they can.


In the year 2013, after what feels like only a few months since the last major overhaul, Kotaku's lust for change could sustain itself no longer. The site has been plunged into a state of people being kind of confused but sort of curious as well.

But it is not, as some have predicted, the end of the site. Instead, the latest Kotakulypse™ is simply the prologue to yet another awkward chapter of Kotaku history. For the staff has succeeded in messing with what everyone was finally somewhat comfortable with - but Kotaku, Kotaku changes. A lot.


In the early days, a few will be spared the mild discomfort of posting in normal articles by taking refuge in a reasonably-sized digital shelter, known as TAY. But when you venture onto the front page of Kotaku, you have only the sort of attractive, maybe a little unfinished mix between Polygon and tumblr to greet you - all except those in TAY 101. For on this fateful day, when you're still getting used to this whole thing, the giant steel door of TAY 101 opened... and will probably stay open. It is here you can talk about the transition, ask questions, give answers, and even reminisce about old TAY or even older SpeakUp. It is here you can talk amongst yourselves, the friendly folks of TAY.

Because, in TAY: everyone is welcome, and everyone has something to offer.

This is a blog for Kotakuites by Kotakuites. Welcome!


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