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I've been playing the Mysterious Murasame Castle on the 3DS Virtual Console for the last couple of days, for those who don't know about this game is... well a top down action NES game that was released only in Japan, until Nintendo for some strange reason decided to release it last month. Let me tell you guys... this game is tough! Enemies come pop up from every corner of the map, throwing fireballs, knives and other ninja stuff!

According to the Japanese eShop description:




Roughly translated by Google:

This software is an action game of the family computer disk system was released in 1986.

Suddenly one day, a mysterious life form is dominated by the force of the mystery 4 castles and Murasame Castle, I will begin to rampage. In order to regain peace, we will proceed while defeat the thug attacked hero-Takamaru, with the aim of Murasame Castle. Art from the casket and raccoons, and to favor the battle, such as "the art of ninja Hayaashi" the moving speed and the "art of ninja flame" that can attack the flame goes up will go into his hand.


And according to the American eShop description:

One stormy night in feudal Japan, a mysterious force begins to take control over Murasame Castle and its lands. Each lord in four neighboring castles has taken possession of a dark sphere of power, allowing them to summon ninja armies and monsters that wreak havoc in the villages.

Takamaru, a brave and young samurai apprentice, has been sent to investigate. He must infiltrate all four castles and defeat the lords before making his way to Murasame Castle. Use sword and shuriken attacks against the swarms of enemies, and unlock the secret behind the source of evil.


If you have a $5 credit available in your eShop and don't know where to spend it (I think it costs $5, I could double check but my 3DS is in my bag and I really don't feel like walking 10 feet), definitely give it a try, it's a fun and challenging game, like the ones they used to do in the past, and here's the catch this game was actually made in the past, you cannot go more authentic than The Myterious Murasame Castle.

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