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TAY Author Spotlight: _AFI

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This week I talked with _AFI. He's the newest host of AniClub and occasional anime reviewer here on TAY. I caught up with him (time zones made that fun) to chat about anime, games, and his future.


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Hello once again TAY! This is my weekly article series where I interview the diverse authors of TAY, new and old. We all have stories, ambitions, and hobbies to talk about that make TAY a special place. This series is a way for everyone to tell their story and get a chance in the spotlight here on Talk Amongst Yourselves. I'm your host: Dex.


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Hello AFI! Welcome to the TAY Author Spotlight! Tell us about yourself. Where you're from, who are you, that sort of thing.

So, yeah, AFI here! Long time Kotaku lurker and been around since August of '12 here on TAY. I mostly post anime or Vita related stuff. I used to post the feature "AniTAY Drop" during the early days of Kinja TAY but now I only handle the revived AniClub and some occasional features/reviews. I'm also a BS Computer Science student from the Philippines. I like emoticons :-)


Indeed, your revival of AniClub has definitely been a talking point on Ani-TAY. It's part of the reason that you are up this week! Was there a particular reason that you revived it?

Well, I was there when it first started and I guess I just kind of missed it. I also saw that there was a demand for it so I tried asking Odin if I could pick up where he left off and he kindly agreed.


I also wanted to get back to writing! I've been on quite a lull so I wanted something that would make me write on a constant basis and AniClub fit the bill.

So far it's been fun, it's hard conversing with people, though, since I already know the answers because I've watched Steins;Gate before. Still looking forward to every meeting, though!


Next week the club will be caught up with where I managed to get before I cut myself off. I'll be chiming in more once that happens.

That would be the 9th episode, heh. Things are gonna get exciting once we reach episode 12! I won't say any more ;-)


Indeed I will! You're clearly an anime fan, what sort of genres are you interested in and what do you think is your favorite show?

If I had to pick my most favorite show it'd by Evangelion. I usually mention Clannad and Steins;Gate alongside it, though (in that order).


For the most part I'd watch any genre (though I don't watch much harem) but I lean towards seinen, psychological and SciFi. I'd eat up anything Key or KyoAni too!

You can say I follow studios more than genres. KyoAni, Shaft, Trigger and other great studios are all on my watch list. If there's one studio I'm wary of, it's JC Staff. I do like AnoNatsu, though.


I can understand that. I've recently noticed how I seem to like most of what P.A. Works puts out, so I'm following them quite a bit. Are there other kinds of entertainment that you enjoy, games perhaps?

I watched Angel Beats! It was ok, didn't make me cry, though. They have great action scenes.


Games, comics and reading! I mostly game on the Vita nowadays but I also game on the PS4/PS3. I haven't read much comics lately but the last one I really enjoyed was Blankets by Craig Thompson. As for books, my favorite author is Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Can't decide if I like 100 Years or Love in the Time of Cholera more. Currently I'm reading The Elegance of the Hedgehog which I picked up on a whim because it sounded like something Shinji would read.

My favorite series, by the way, are LittleBigPlanet, Persona and MGS.

I'm still stuck on the part about Elegance of the Hedgehog. I almost want to know more.

When did you join us on TAY though? You're another person that precedes my time here that I don't know much about.

Heh, great title isn't it? I was introduced to the Hedgehog Dilemma through Evangelion so I just had to get it. I joined August of 2012! That was pre-Kinja TAY. Even then I posted anime stuff and most of what I've watched and loved, I have TAY to thank for :) Back then TAY was like an endless Open Forum, not much structure and formality like we do now. I think I love this iteration of TAY more, though :)


I joined TAY by the time there was already quite a bit of structure, so it's fascinating to hear about the "wild west" days of TAY.

And, the question I always have, any memories of TAY that you find particularly memorable?

Well, there was that time I wrote a Katawa Shoujo review and OreImo article and they got thousands of views without getting bumped or promoted on main page :3 That felt really nice.


It would be amiss to not mention that your review reminded me about that game and I finally played it. Thanks for that!

Glad you enjoyed the KS review. We're actually quite lucky since Google puts Kinja posts quite high on their results so we get lots of views as long as articles are titled correctly.


As a final question, do you have any plans for the future in Computer Science? What sort of job would you love to have?

As for my degree, I'm very much enjoying it even if I'm having a very hard time with Mathematics. I'm looking towards a career in software engineering in general since that is my strong point. I also really enjoy Game Development! I've already developed a multiplayer rhythm action game engine for a project that I had. I hope to put it up here on TAY once I clean it up a bit.


As for future plans, for now I'm just looking forward to joining game jams and develop more stuff. I'd love to start an indie dev studio though it's very hard to do in my country so I might go freelancing for a while. If you fellow TAY people need any volunteers for a game project I'm all up for it!

It's good to hear. I have similar goals myself. With that, I'd like to thank you for coming along to the TAY Author Spotlight AFI!

I'd like to thank you too! I bet this has been the most difficult interview to do, huh? Anyway, if you guys want to ask more about me, ask anything related to Computer Science or anything, or just chat in general just chime off below!


You can catch up with _AFI on his ConTAYct list on TAY!


Interested in getting to know TAY better? Check out our main TAY page and start commenting! Why don't you go over and read up the TAY Tutorial so you can get writing yourself? Hey, maybe I'll interview you next, wouldn't that be cool?


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