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Hello TAY! This last Monday, Dexomega brought to our community a new series that would give us an inside look at our TAY writers, artists, and contributors. Dex gave me the honor for testing out the pilot article and I happily obliged under one condition: that he let me interview him as the next TAY author for the series! Thus, I was lucky enough to take the reigns this one time and get into the mind of one Dexomega!


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Welcome to the TAY Author Spotlight, Dexomega! Let's get right into it: Who is the man behind this username? What are you up to these days outside of contributing to TAY?

My name is David, I'm a 20-year-old student of Computer Science (in my third year) hailing from the United States. I like video games and I'm an avid fan of anime, which is why I joined up on TAY.


Outside of TAY I'm absorbed in my studies pretty much around-the-clock which has made juggling TAY and school quite the challenge! I still love computer science though, even if it is a bit overwhelming.

What's the dream job you'll be searching for once you finish your studies? Do you hope to mix the best of both worlds featuring your interests and skill with computer science?


That's an excellent question that I've had to ponder for years. My dream job would definitely be working at video game developer as a programmer. Ever since I first picked up a video game, I knew it was something special to me. That feeling hasn't mellowed with the years, I still want to be part of the industry.

As of late, I've also considered working as some form of part-time writer alongside my programming, mostly due to the modest success of my TAY articles.


That leads me to my next question. How did you get to where you are now with your releases of "Dex's Review"?

My reviewing history goes back to when I was 14. I was an avid poster on a few forums back in the day and I wrote small reviews on video games. This tapered as the years went on and eventually stopped when the forums and communities fell. Dex's Reviews are the spiritual successor to these reviews.


When I came back to University after the summer break, I felt pretty down. I'll be honest, this was the worst I had felt since my hormone-driven high school days (which were not my best years). In any case, I knew I had to do something to give my mind some sort of direction, so I looked around my room one day and noticed that I had Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 sitting on the shelf and it clicked: I wanted to review stuff again. I wanted to go back to anime after having deserted it for so many years.


I'm not quite sure how, but I had started visiting TAY just weeks before and saw the Ani-TAY stuff. So, I decided to use TAY as a platform for my review project. I was going to marathon as much anime as I could before January 1st of the next year and I was going to just have fun.

So TAY has not only given you a platform to share your interests with like-minded individuals, but helped you in expressing your creative drive when you needed a pick me up the most?


That's probably the best way to put it. It's given me something to put my mind to and it's probably helped my grades in school, ironically.

That's definitely great to hear! TAY, in its different forms, mean a lot to many people - what brought you here and what keeps you around?


I came to TAY to just casually read some of the stuff that people posted for a bit of fun, but what I actually found here was very different. There's a whole community hidden back here full of avid readers and writers that I didn't notice in the past.

That's probably what keeps me around. It's a really nice community of people that all give each other encouragement and have fun. I went to a TAY game night back a while ago and had an absolute blast. It was the most fun I'd had gaming in probably years.


You sum up TAY pretty well for most of us. You should know that your fellow users in our community are glad to have you and your insight with your anime reviews!

That said, let's get them informed on what makes Dex tick - with a rapid fire question round. You ready?


My body is ready.

Favorite food?
Mac and Cheese, the classic.

Preferred gaming console?

Playstation 3/PC Combo

All time favorite game?

Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War

And now, the question we've all been waiting for : all time favorite anime?

Oh crap, this question... >.>

Neon Genesis Evangelion because it singlehandedly broke me into a million mental pieces.


I still have to watch it! T.T Knowing it's your favorite, I have to bump it up to the top of my to do lists!


Dex, you started this project to give the readers of TAY an inside look at content creators that make this community what it is. With the addition of this project to what you bring to the table with your reviews, we all thank you for your hard work and wish you great success with all your future projects!

Thanks for giving us the chance to meet David and Dexomega!

I thank you all for having me! I'm just trying to give back to the community that so nicely let me in!


Check out David/Dex's ConTAYct page here at TAY and his Dex's Reviews features!


Interested in getting to know TAY better? Check out our main TAY page and start commenting! Why don't you go over and read up the TAY Tutorial so you can get writing yourself? Hey, maybe I'll interview you next, wouldn't that be cool?


This interview was facilitated by Google's Hangouts.

TAY Author Spotlight will resume it's regular broadcasting schedule come Monday with Dexomega returning as host! Stay tuned!

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