This week I talked with Marsh Naylor. He's that guy that posts both real and humorous articles, sometimes simultaneously, leading us to wonder if his news about Goat Simulators can be trusted! Nevertheless, I caught up with him and got the facts out of him (well, probably).

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Hello once again TAY! This is my weekly article series where I interview the diverse authors of TAY, new and old. We all have stories, ambitions, and hobbies to talk about that make TAY a special place. This series is a way for everyone to tell their story and get a chance in the spotlight here on Talk Amongst Yourselves. I'm your host: Dex.

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Hello Marsh Naylor and welcome to the TAY Author Spotlight! Tell us about yourself.

My full name is Marshall Scott Naylor, but people call me Marsh. I try do as much writing as I can around the internet. I write for Talk Amongst Yourselves, a Kotaku sponsored website. More recently, I draw and write for Friend Bear, which is a web comic that's been around since 1999. I'm a regular contributor to The Mushroom which is a very smart, satirical, game savvy internet newspaper along the lines of the Onion. I kind of have a busy schedule, but it's super worth it.


What sort of things do you enjoy? Video games, writing, anything really.

For the past year or so I've been super duper interested in internet content. Sure, I love watching viral internet-y cat videos and harvesting meme-y GIFs, who doesn't? But, I'm interested in the processes before that cat video goes viral. Was it just lightning in a bottle, or a product of a robust understanding and sustained practice. If it's a combination of the two, what are their measured amounts? Why I want to know has everything to do with moving closer to understanding things like 'what makes a joke funny?', or 'what makes a piece of writing engaging?' I think internet content is a pretty rad, and fecund place for pursuing that.


You make it sound like a very calculated science. I guess it is in some ways. You tend toward the comedical elements in your writing some of the time. Are you a comedic guy in reality too?

God, I hope so!

You're a pretty prominent member of TAY and you've put out a number of excellently written articles. You've even been getting out there and doing Q&As with developers. Is there any reason in particular that you continue to put out such high-quality material?


You're quite the writer, is this an intended career path for you? If not, what is your chosen career path?

Yup, this is it.

When did you join us on TAY?

Summer of 2013.

Have any special memories on TAY?

Learning how to GIF is a rad memory. Back then, I thought posting a picture of Taylor Swift was an appropriate thing to do on TAY. It wasn't. And that post got caught in a deluge of GIFs. I tried to GIF with the group, but I failed pretty badly. Because everybody is super sweet on TAY, I got a lot of encouragement to practice. So, I've been working on my GIF game ever since. Some people on TAY are GIF monsters, and truly inspiring.


Where do you see yourself in ten years?

In ten years, I've leveled up my content creating skills enough that I'm committed full-time. I love the work, and I'm on a team with other smart, ethical, and passionate people. I've also leveled up my credibility where I'm able to pursue and create unique content, and present it in innovative ways.


Thanks for stopping by the TAY Author Spotlight Marsh, it's been fun getting to know you!

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Author's Addendum:

I'm behind today, this was originally to be posted at 8 AM EST like it usually is, but I couldn't make the deadline. Some of you might have noticed that Anime Marathon has kind of gone dark and I've dropped the ball on the Spotlight twice recently. This is due in no small part to my classes at university really starting to grate on me. Sorry about that. You'll see a couple of reviews out of me in the near future.