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TAY Author Spotlight: Sylverfyst

This week I talked with my fellow Ani-TAY writer Sylverfyst. He's one of our big names here on TAY that's kept the Ani-TAY flag flying. We chatted about how fabulous he is and what sort of anime he most identifies with.

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Hello once again TAY! This is my weekly article series where I interview the diverse authors of TAY, new and old. We all have stories, ambitions, and hobbies to talk about that make TAY a special place. This series is a way for everyone to tell their story and get a chance in the spotlight here on Talk Amongst Yourselves. I'm your host: Dex.


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So, as usual, tell us a bit about yourself Sylverfyst. What kind of person are you?

Well, I'm Fabulous! Of course, but in all seriousness I'm kinda a goofball, and I don't like to take things too seriously (heh), but when it gets time to do the work I really buckle down.


I know we're both writers for Ani-TAY, although I must confess that I actually don't know much about your history with us on TAY! How long have you been with us?

I've been here at TAY, a little under a year now. It'll be a year in May. I started off here with some weekly comic reviews which I really enjoyed, but at the same time got to be too much work once school started back up, hence the advent of Trainime! Speaking of which, that's coming back soon now that I've got train rides again :3


You heard it here folks!

To help everyone get a good perspective on you, what genre of anime do you most identify with? What's your favorite?

I like a good mix of genres, when I was a kid I never had a clique at school, I had friends in each of the different groups and kind of floated between them, never really choosing one over another. That's a really long analogy for the way I am with anime too. I really dig Slice-of-life, romance, sci-fi, comedy and sports anime. I don't really have one standout favorite genre, though I have a least favorite! Ecchi. I don't like ecchi much at all, usually because it's a huge detriment to story, but eh a little here and there isn't bad either. I just don't want to be watching censored porn the series.


Ecchi is pretty out there... almost all the time. I can't say I'm at all interested either.

We've both been busying ourselves with the Winter anime selection in the past couple of weeks I think. Personally I've been enjoying Magical Warfare and Pilot's Love Song, do you have any big frontrunners yet for the season or is it too early to even comment?

I have a few that I'm really liking so far! Noragami, Nobunagun, Nisekoi, Wake Up, Girls! and The Pilot's Love Song round out my top 5 for the season so far. The rest are somewhere in between hopeful, ambivalence, and disgust (Super Sonico I'm looking at you >.>) If I was forced to pick a best for the season so far I think I'd probably have to pick Nisekoi, but The Pilot's Love Song and Noragami are tied for second place right now.


Speaking of, what would peg as your favorite out of the Fall lineup?

Oooh that's a tough one, it was such a stellar lineup! I really thought right at the beginning it was going to be Kyoukai no Kanata (Beyond the Boundary), but the ending, while good, was a tad disappointing. I think if you count continuing series, I'm having the most fun with Log Horizon. If you don't count continuing series...It's a toss up between Kyoukai no Kanata and Outbreak Company. I guess I'm kinda weird compared to a lot of other anime fans this season, I didn't enjoy Kill la Kill much.


Good to hear someone else is enjoying Log Horizon as much me!

You've been here on TAY longer than I have - have you enjoyed Ani-TAY in the past year? Do you wish you could change anything about how we've been doing things in Team Ani-TAY?

I really enjoy Ani-TAY as it stands, though I do miss the weekly round-up of Ani-TAY news and reviews that someone, the name escapes me right now, used to put up of the goings on of all things Anime. Not saying it should come back in the form it was in, because I don't know if we have enough variety anymore, but it sure was a neat little feature. Also, I'm going to try to be a little bit more regular. I get a little Anime distracted sometimes (I like to call it Netflix syndrome, though Crunchyroll has been more apt recently) I tend to browse through the streaming sites when I'm bored looking for things to watch, so I don't always finish series I start! In fact, it's more rare for me to finish a series straight through then it is to leave part way through and (maybe) come back later! :3


I do the same thing sometimes, although I'm trying to make an effort to get through series I don't exactly like these days! Journalistic integrity or something.

Right?! I'm trying to get better at that as well, though Photokano is testing the limits of that newfound integrity at the moment, it's not particularly good.


So, do you have any standout memories from Talk Amongst Yourselves in general?

I feel like everybody's been saying Secret Santa as a standout memories, while it definitely was one for me, I've gotten 3 packages, late, but through no fault of the senders (THANKS NACH I GOT THE SNACKS TODAY!) Really the standouts for me are always, always when we get a rousing discussion going, some serious (STAYTE of the Union), some silly (like any of my graveyard shifts), some both! I'm always astounded that the group of amazing people we have found here has been able to keep an interesting conversation going with out getting heated and negative. It's just such a great feeling. I love all you guys, it feels more like we're a community of friends than a random grouping of people.


I'm really starting to kick myself for not doing Secret Santa. When it was coming together, I still wasn't quite integrated into TAY yet!

Ah you should've! Integrated? C'mon man you were one of us from the get go! That's one of the things about TAY that I really love, it's inclusive pretty damn quickly!


So, last big question. A huge question in fact... Why trains? I MUST KNOW.

The trains system was pretty mundane actually, I ride the train to class three days a week, it gives me like 3 hours to watch anime each day. I wanted to come up with some pun with trains and anime, because the ride's the only reason I get to watch as much as I do, and thus Trainime was born! Then Stormborn was kind enough to whip up some trains as a rating system. It was just Fabulous!


Ah, that does make sense! It's rather clever actually. I just opted to be arrogant and plaster my name on my stuff!

Thanks I quite liked it, hey I did that too, with my Fabulous Fyst Reviews (when I wasn't riding the train, or I was reviewing games), so what does that say about me huh?


Clearly you must be Fabulous like Lelouch from Code Geass. I'll now imagine you doing his exaggerated hand movements when I read your reviews.

I actually do those when I'm writing them! It's closer to Eiji from bakuman when he's drawing or something like that. haha :3


Darn, Bakuman is one of the ones I haven't watched. I'll have to watch it now so I understand!

Haha it's great! It's also one of the few anime adaptations who's source material was wrapped up before it finished! It has a nice satisfying ending


Good to know, I'll keep it in mind! Well Sylverfyst, it's been fun chatting with you here on the TAY Author Spotlight! I won't keep you any longer. I love working alongside you to make Ani-TAY what it is and I'm sure that everyone on TAY will agree when I say that you help make Ani-TAY a legitimate place for anime fans to congregate! Keep up the good work!

Thanks Dex! and Thank you for having me, I'll be looking forward to your next review!


And I will look forward to your's!

You can catch up with Sylverfyst on his ConTAYct list on TAY!


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