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This week I talked with Zarnyx. She's one of our moderator/admins around here that tends to act as one of our welcomers. We talked a bit about what sorts of games she likes and also about her interest in video game soundtracks!


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Hello once again TAY! This is my weekly article series where I interview the diverse authors of TAY, new and old. We all have stories, ambitions, and hobbies to talk about that make TAY a special place. This series is a way for everyone to tell their story and get a chance in the spotlight here on Talk Amongst Yourselves. I'm your host: Dex.


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Hello Zarnyx! Welcome to the TAY Author Spotlight!

So tell us a bit about yourself. Who are you in reality and what sort of things do you enjoy?

Hi Dex! Hmm, a bit about myself. Well, what you see of me on TAY is generally who I am in real life - friendly, goofball but serious when I have to be.


While I enjoy writing and video games, of course, I also love music, going to concerts, taking in NYC and all it has to offer; whether that's going to theatre some times, museums or going to the zoo!

Ah, NYC! I have yet to quite visit there yet, but I once lived in Washington D.C. which is "nearby". Why are you living there? Do you have a job?

D.C.! I went there once! So great for museums. I need to go back! I've been here living here for a while (actually just north of the city). My immediate family moved from Trinidad in the West Indies, so my friends might tell me I'm one of those fake New Yorkers. Don't listen to them! Though they may be right. Haha.


As for a job, I am currently in "pre-employment" It's the positive spin to the term "I am currently unemployed", if you will.

I see. Well, I'm in the same boat to be honest. I need to get myself a job or internship to bulk up my resume! That said then, let's turn to some of your favorite things. Are video games your favorite medium or does music/film take that?

Well best of luck to us both, Dex! I'd say while I do love video games a lot, music is more what I love. Even in video games, I tend to pay closer attention to a couple of things: narratives of video games and the music.


I may not be an expert on music or anything though.

I've long fallen into the video game narrative crowd too. I've long bought games based on their storytelling and not on other things. My love for video game music is intensely concentrated around the Ace Combat series though, not much else. What video game soundtracks do you think are at the top of your list?

Why don't we talk more on TAY?! Ha, well no worries. Now we know we share similar interests! Though Ace Combat... I'll have to try that some time.


That question, Dex... it's a hard one to answer. There's so much out there that I will probably forget many amazing soundtracks to mention. I play a lot of JRPGs, so all the greats: Uematsu, Mitsuda, Meguro Alright!

I'll try to narrow down to... 6!

Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy VIII, Final Fantasy X, Brave Fencer Musashi, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy Tactics, Persona 3. The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, Xenogears, Parasite Eve... did I say 6? Heh, Sorry. >.>


We understand, there's a lot of stuff out there! Is there a single unifying idea that makes you like them or are they just amazing by how they sound?

I think it really is dependent and ties into the emotions of the game/scenes in which they are used. For a lot of the games I listed (well, I guess practically all of them), music really acts as a voice. It translates a scene for you in times when the character cannot really convey an emotion by way of facial expressions, or when dialog is just not enough. So not only is it a soundtrack, it's very much is integrated into what we should be feeling, what they are feeling and acts as a narrative too. Everything back to that narrative, right? For music outside of games - that's when we have lyrics to help express those emotions.


Though FFVIII is a special case for me. I disliked it as a game but as a soundtrack, amazing! I don't know what happened there.


That sounds similar to the overall consensus on Ace Combat: Assault Horizon. The game is panned by fans, but the soundtrack was great. I mention Ace Combat too much in these interviews, I need to stop. >.>

Ha, no way! I'd like to hear more! I'll ask you more when this goes up. XD

Yes, we'll certainly talk about it in the comments on the article when it gets posted!

Speaking of articles, what do you do around TAY? You're a rather important member since you seem to run the TAYV Movie Nights and some of the open forums. What sorts of things do you post?

I don't really do the open forums but will cover once in a while if need be. As for importance, TAYV Movie Night pretty much runs itself. It's great to have such a fantastic community who will just be there to support and get together for some fun. It was an idea expressed by a couple of people and I threw it out there. So now I'm stuck! Haha, nah. I don't mind. It's the least I can do plus as I said, it's fun. Hey, weren't you supposed to come by for Airplane! -.- Hehe, just kidding.


As for what I really do around TAY, people see me as one of the Welcome Wagoneers. What? That's not a word? It is now!

I do a lot of behind the scenes things (along with others too!) as an Admin: welcoming people, granting authorship, and just generally helping others in the community to feel welcome and maybe encourage them to checking out our great little space that TAY is.


When I do write for TAY, I sometimes have fun things SnackTAYku/SnackTAYku Internationals, music related things but I also write a lot about games from an emotional standpoint really looking at games on a social level, maybe from a different cultural perspective.

I wish I could've been there for Airplane! It's a great comedy. The time was cutting it close with my reviewing commitments and my homework too. I'm sure you guys had fun without me making Shirley jokes every other minute!

You're a busy person though! Plenty of stuff going on right there! I'm going to use my standard question right now: do you have any memories of TAY that are particularly memorable to you?

We understand Dex, but don't worry! Movie Night lives on and you and others are always welcome whenever you have the time!


Memories of TAY - so many! But of course, being TAY, they're all centered around the community. My favourite ones have to be when a few games have launched and we all got together in a frenzy to play. There was the Animal Crossing launch, Pokemon X/Y, GTAV... of course, helping to organize Secret SanTAY with GBD and participation... OH! And when A Hat in Time went on Kickstarter! We got together as a community then and it was amazing. Those are the times when we're happiest - when we're showing our support of each other and that's what makes TAY memorable.

I will say that too that it's the moments that happen off of TAY are best for me as well. I've made many friends from this place and I've met quite a number of them, and of course, there are those that I have yet to meet but we speak all the time. I know I'll meet them too and for now, they're all great friends. I'm thankful to have them in my life.


Interesting indeed! Last question: if you had to point out one game that everyone on TAY should play, what would it be?

Ooo, hard question. Qwirkle! Hahaha, just kidding. That's a board game. I mean you guys should play it. But seriously, it comes down to what I consider my favourite, right? Haha, right now I might be getting a few people to play "Brothers" and they should. But my favourite is between Majora's Mask or Final Fantasy VII. Majora's Mask. Let's go with that and hope that somewhere, somehow...Nintendo sees this plea and remakes it for my Wii U, 3DS or both.


Maybe they will! That would be a story. Well Zarnyx, it's been a fun interview filled with soundtracks, narratives, and TAY. Thanks for stopping by the spotlight with us today!

Thanks, Dex! Been absolutely great talking to you and getting to know you better too. Thanks for taking the time and considering me. Keep up all that you do on the TAY as well. We're very lucky to have you as part of the community. =)


You can catch up with Zarnyx on her ConTAYct list on TAY!


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