I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Authors: Please Read Regarding Open Forum

Ok, let's make an official sign-up sheet for TAY authors for who's going to post TAY on what day until they post the alternate TAY again (assuming they do based on previous comments).

Here are the rules as I see them. If you have other ideas or have any suggestions or improvements, let me know and I will post updates here:

  • The forum will be called TAY: Open Forum
    -It's quick, concise and easy to understand. That's why I like it. ^_^
  • Please post a picture
    -Preferably video game related. Can be an original work that you've done, or a random Google image (like my Banjo-Kazooie one).
    -Please refrain from using videos. TAY has always been marked with a photo and I see no reason to change that. Haven't our commentors been through enough change? :P
  • Please make the TAG: Un-Official TAY
    -This makes it so when one TAY is open, you can see all the other TAYs in the list. It also makes it easy to search for without opening EVERY TAY tagged article.
  • Please post a conversation starting blurb
    -It's nice to have an ice-breaker, you know?
    -Try to keep it video game related, even if only tangentially. Not necessary, but it's nice to have a theme. :3
    -Try not to make it about your personal life. Leave that for a separate comment in TAY.
  • Please post before noon EDT
    -People are used to having TAY in the morning. I'd like to keep it that way.

Any other thoughts or suggestions? Likes or dislikes? Let me know and I'll post the schedule here of who has volunteered to post TAY on what days. I'll take Monday because I don't always feel so motivated at work on Mondays. Also, I'm less likely to forgot on that day of all days. :\

Sunday: Crisco

Monday: Dyram


Wednesday: Crisco


Friday: MementoMorie


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