I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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And other baking treats at the second annual TAY BAKING CONTEST!

With National Food Day Thanksgiving upon us, it’s time, again, to bring out your master chef and delight us with your pleasantries. It is time, also, for the judgy judgers to quash your dreams. I will need two types of volunteers for my amusement.


Sugary Sweet Bakers (Unlimited Entries): You will bake your buns off! Take a picture of your entry, upload it either here or send it in the #bakingcontest channel on discord. Name it, describe its flavor and texture like you were writing for the New Yorker. Take us on a walk down Sugary Lane and sell us on why your baked treat is simply the best thing in the entire universe.

Judgy Judgers (5 needed): You will judge each entry on a 1-5 scale in the following categories:

  • Visual appeal (this includes plating and presentation)
  • Imagined yumminess based on the description
  • Originality

Perhaps another category that has yet to come to me

To enter the contest as either a Sugary Sweet Baker or a Judgy Judger either:

  • Leave a comment here with your preferred job


  • DM/ping Kidechka on Discord (this is her contest I’m just helping with the posts!)

If you need that Discord link it’s here:


So far......

Sugary Sweet Bakers

  1. Quiddity
  2. Seething Hatred
  3. Aikage
  4. DonDon Long John Silver
  5. Zarnyx
  6. NoviBear

Judgy Judgers

  1. Gugsy
  2. Kidechka
  3. pocoGRANDES
  4. TheGeekEmpress
  5. [Your name here]

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