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TAY Baking Contest: Voting time by 11/29! Update

All of our Judgy Judgers have judged except for Gugsy! Right now it looks like this:

Now we wait for GUGS

Entries are starting to role in! Judgy Judgers, it’s time for you to shine! Voting happens until 11/29


With so many entries, Aikage was kind enough to make a spread sheet so you can go in a put 1-5 for each baker in each category. Remember you will be judging 1-5 in the following categories:

  • Visual appeal (this includes plating and presentation)
  • Imagined yumminess based on the description
  • Originality

Sugary Sweet Bakers Your baking has ended! Now you can sit back and watch the polls.

Sugary Sweet Baker: DonDon Long John Silver

Entry: Salted Caramel Apple Parfait

Layers of homemade whipped cream envelope the velvety smooth salted caramel layer. Apples have been baked down into a pie-like texture with hints of nutmeg and cinnamon teasing your taste buds. This sure-to-please treat hit all of the high notes.


Sugary Sweet Baker: Meathead

Entry: My First Nog

Stygian Knight: yo whats this? does it involve booze

Meat: You bet your ass it does. 1 cup bourbon, 1 cup cognac and one cup of rum are contained in those.


CatRussel: Sounds like my body

Meat: lmfao The lil bit I tried is p good. Supposed to sit a few weeks before I really get crackin.


Sugary Sweet Baker: Seething Hatred

Entry: amaretto cheesecake topped with candied almond slivers

Pls to describe

bah...fine.....it has slight notes of almond flavoring throughout the cheesecake, the crust in of itself actually took on a carmelized texture, as part of the butter used in it was cooked out during baking. The topping literally tasted like buttered toffee with almonds. The texture was smooth, not too firm and not oozing, even at room temperature


likelihood to get you ass if made for a S/O, 8 out of 10 (unless she/he don’t like cheesecake)

Division Ten Chocolate Cake Description

Division Ten Sugar Cookies

Seething Hatred Amaretto Glue Balls

Dr M To The J Pumpkin Pie

Swan N Z’s Amazingness


Sugary Sweet Baker: Novi

Entry: Roasted yams in brown s sugar and cinnamon


Sugary Sweet Baker: Novi

Entry: Pre made Graham cracker crust, a box of chocolate pudding

and I big thing of whipped cream

Quid’s Chocolatey Cookies (it’s hopefully a video)


Sugary Sweet Baker: Quiddity

Entry: Alright they came out pretty good! I think on my next batch tomorrow morning I’m gonna bake them for like 2 minutes less time


its a bit crumbly (which is why I think I had it in too long) but it still tasted very good

(also I had to shoot in vertical video because I had to prop my phone up on something so I could use both hands)


Aikage’s Garlic Butter Buns

Any questions, please refer to original post and happy baking!

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