The end of the year is upon us and as you may know it's the time of the year when people give their opinion of what was the best/worse that the year had. Of course there are already a lot of Best of 2013 gaming related articles, so this time I'm making a list of Best of 2013 in Anime

I will make this in an award form, naming the winner, why I choose it and a mention for all the runner ups in each category. And of course I will try my utmost to make this Spoiler-Free so dive in with all confidence.

First the criteria for valid contenders: As you all may know Anime is normally released in a weekly schedule, so this poses a problem that Games don't, and that is that the date of release has no real use, since a series can start to air in, say 12/26/2012, but all the rest of the series will air during 2013, so the criteria I'm using is that climax took part during 2013, so with this said, the contender can come from Fall 2013 season, Summer 2013 season, season, season and series that started in 2012, but at least half of the chapters aired during 2013 (Example: Fall 2012 season Animes like Psycho-Pass, Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo, Little Busters! and Bakuman Season 3) (All the links will guide you to charts that will make things more easier for you)

For entertainment and drama sake, I will save the Best 2013 Anime award for last, so first, here are all the other categories (I based those on what normally one will review when discussing what makes a series great):

Best Romantic Comedy: The Pet Girl of Sakurasou


Why: In a over populated genre this series set itself apart using good and consistent writing, the chemistry between the characters is amazing and one of the best you will find out there (every one of the characters are pretty interesting too), the comedy was not only well executed but also full of energy and all that, plus the drama, made a really well balanced series full of surprises and emotions in a story of Talent vs Hard Work and not giving up. First impressions in this series are a little deceiving so try to get past the 3rd episode and enjoy the ride (Here's a review for further help)

Runner Ups: This was actually a very close battle between Sakurasou and Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko and I can say I pretty much ended up deciding with the flip of a coin because Henneko also has all the same strong points but I guess I had some problems with some of the characters. Also in consideration was Nagi no Asukara and NouCome.


Best Slice of Life: Silver Spoon

Why: Richard Eisenbeis from Kotaku describes it as a Series brimming with real heart, and I have to agree. A series about a school where students learn how to farm may not sound interesting but the show is actually quite entertaining, every episode is intense and gripping, and remember this is a Slice of Life show. You will probably relate with the main character in this coming-of-age fish-out-of-water story executed in the best possible way.


Runner Ups: This was a not so close contest, since Silver Spoon is really good in my opinion comparing with the other 3 slice of life I really enjoyed this year Non Non Biyori, GJ-bu and Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku.

Best Sci-Fi show: Psycho-Pass


Why: A compelling and unique sci-fi setting with a very well written and thought provoking dialogue and well rounded characters, specially the villains. Although a little late to get things started at the beginning, once it does it keeps you in the edge of your seat and craving for more (here we have a couple of reviews).

Runner Ups: Another close one. coming very close were both seasons of Valvrave the Liberator and unexpected and pleasant surprise Gatchaman Crowds.


Best Female Character: Tsukiko from Henneko

Why: A very emotional girl that, throughout the series, loses the ability to show emotions. The emotionless voice and deadpan expressions gives her amazingly character deep since sometimes, it's difficult to understand what she's feeling and that will make you take an interest in her, and actually care for her feelings. Also the perfect complement for the main character of the show.


Runner Ups: I had a very hard time deciding between Tsukiko, Hajime from Gatchaman Crowds and Rika from Haganai. Indeed a very close battle. Edit: commenter Imgrowinglegs made me remember one character I overlook and that will probably take the second spot, and that is Benten for Uchōten Kazoku

Best Opening: Guren no Yumiya from Attack on Titan

Why: I mostly choose this one because I haven't watched an Anime song become an Internet phenomenon since the days of the Hare Hare Yukai. A Powerfull song, Intense animation and . Also the fact that it goes with anything


Runner Ups: The "I always wanted to see that duo" Preserved Roses from Valvrave the Liberator and "totally fitting" Watashi ga Motenai no wa dō Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui! from WataMote

Best Ending: Ai wo Utae from Monogatari Series Second Season


Why: For some reason I can't get this song outside of my head, most probably because it reminds me of what is probably my all time favorite or second favorite ending of all time, Kimi no Shiranai Monogatari. Also all those subtle references and symbolism is one of the things I love about Shaft.

Runner Ups: "Beautiful and ethereal" Yokan from RDG: Red Data Girl and "captivating" Owaranai Melody wo Uta Idashimashita from Sunday Without God

Best Show No One Watched: White Album 2


Why: I intended to do a review as soon as episode 13 aired, but since Dex has already announced his plans to do one I will put my short review here (and negotiate a little tag addition with him). Take 3 characters, a very rage-inducing protagonist and 2 less than stellar humans as heroines, throw them in a love triangle and what do you get: School Days or White Album 2. The difference is that in WA2 the characters are very human, and actually relatable because of the (stupid and less than stellar) things they do. There is a great deal of detail put into constructing the characters' mental and emotional states, and every unexpected action is backed by a properly explained motive. This creates a somewhat realistic atmosphere with lots of suffering relationships, but you will relate with the characters and suffer along them but that's what happens when you lie and do everything except for explaining. Really, just go watch it. NOW.

Runner Ups: In here there was less competitions, mostly because White Album 2 is just that amazing, but for serious consideration were also Kotoura-san and Sasami-san@Ganbaranai


Best Show Still-Airing: Golden Time

Why: Some of you may know, that even before it aired I had a pretty good idea of the quality the show was going to have and that most probably I was going to be in love with that show, and so far I am not in the less disappointed, by the contrary, this just keeps getting better and better. The characters are well rounded, interesting and you actually care for them, there is a plot-device with so much potential, the relationships just keeps getting more complicated and interesting with every episode


Runner Ups: The show most of you were probably thinking would win. Kill la Kill, also Strike the Blood and Ace of Diamond

Best 2013 Anime: Monogatari Series Second Season


Why: A character and dialogue driven Anime with supernatural elements involved. Characters are interesting, deep and complex, ever-evolving with each situation throw at them. Art direction is one of the best, if not the best out there. It has the right amount of Comedy, Romance, Action, Dialogue, Drama, Supernatural etc. And I can go on and on but you pretty much get the idea: This show has it all, and despite being a sequel it fares pretty well on it's own. And it's still has one episode left!!!

Runner Ups: Yeah, no Attack on Titan for you, but very close, also for consideration where Silver Spoon, Psycho Pass, and Kyokai no Kanata (blame that ending).


So there you have it, I know you will not agree with me so hit the comments and tell me the Animes you think should be the winners and of course, explain why. Go