I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Blip - FFXIV Recruit a Friend Campaign - Now with 100% More TAY Bonus!

If anyone is interested in playing FFXIV and has not done so yet, Square-Enix has introduced a "Recruit a Friend" campaign in which player characters receive special rewards based on the number of days the recruited player subscribes for. The recruited player and recruiter will receive a piece of equipment that gives +20% EXP bonus up to level 25. This is leaps and bounds above the already in game +10% EXP to level 10 equipment. The players will also receive an item that allows them to teleport to the closest Aetheryte of their recruited friend. And finally, the recruiter will receive a two-player Chocobo mount after the recruited player has subscribed for 90 days. These rewards are not based on time played, they are based on subscription. That means if you subscribe for the 90 days immediately after your 30 day trial ends, the rewards are distributed. If this is anything like the campaign that was done in FFXI, the recruited and recruiter rewards will continue far into the future. There was even a one year reward for both recruiters and recruited in that campaign.

If anyone is interested at all, please let me know so that I can hit you up with the special registration code for this campaign. Please be aware that you will still need to purchase a copy of the game to play, I would suggest Steam for this. It's just too bad this campaign didn't drop sooner what with the summer sale past us already.



As a special incentive, for any and all recruited friends from TAY, I will write your character into a special feature length edition of Crystal's Call. Will it be a Police Academy parody? Or maybe you've an eye for Rosalyn and you'd prefer a romantic comedy? Who knows!

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