I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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Greetings TAY! Kcet here with a reminder to anyone with PS+, anyone who donated to the indiegogo campaign, or who likes fighters:

  1. Skullgirls: Encore will be free at some point in may for PS+ (lets get some matches going!)
  2. The first character to come out of the Indiegogo campaign, Squiggly is still currently free, but by the time the game is available on PS+ she wont be, so go download her now while you can
  3. I think there is also a free color palette pack available. Our friendly neighborhood Nerylociraptor informs me the pack is no longer free, and upon investigation, it is 4.99 now. (I think it was free for a while when Squiggly came out.)
  4. The second character to come out of the campaign (and first male fighter in the game) Big Band, just went up last week and is also free. (360 users, neither character has been available yet, but they are working on it, as they are waiting for Microsoft to give the greenlight on the patch that will update Skullgirls to Skullgirls: Encore.) Sooo my info was a bit off, and they are both available on 360, the color pallet dlc is supposed to come out tomorrow for 360, and there is a issue being worked on involving Squiggly and Big Band not being selectable outside of story mode, but from what LabZero has stated,if you select them with whatever you have set for Light punch, you can select them. Again that is a workaround, in the meantime while they are working on fixing the issues. You can also keep up with their updates from their facebook page.

Edit: According to Callisto, he and his friend had no problems picking other colors for them, so it may be fixed now. If for some reason it isn't the case for you, just use the previously mentioned work around for the time being.

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