I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Been a slow week at work, so I’ve been busting out some sweet-ass midis while reading the shit out of documentation. Oh lawdy. Here are some great ones!

  • Front Mission Gun Hazard. It has a LOT of similarities to FF7’s OST. Nobuo was responsible for both, and they’re only a year apart.
  • Tales of Phantasia. I loathe the Tales series, with the exception of its first entry, and the OST.
  • Tactics Ogre. I prefer the reverb of the SNES version over the PS1 one, both both are great.
  • Star Ocean and Star Ocean 2. Two criminally overlooked OSTs from two criminally overlooked games.
  • Persona 2: Eternal Punishment. Whoever decided to scrap the incredible synth and techno tracks from this game with the abrasive tweenie pop assvomit in Persona 3 is a cancer on the gaming industry.
  • Final Fantasy 7. This goes without saying. However, have you ever noticed that many of the midi elements on this OST are actually the same as in many SNES OSTs? I have a strong suspicion that the technology used to develop Front Mission Gunhazard’s OST was also used to develop FF7. I BELIEVE a lot of it’s done with a Roland synthesizer, but I love the sound it creates.

I’m sure there were others as well. Some of the OSTs that didn’t wow me at all were Xenoblade Chronicles, Wild Arms 2, Lunar 2, Legend of Mana and Final Fantasy 12.

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