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Tay Blip: Massive Sales at Humble Bundle and GOG

They want your monies. Run. :-P

Anyways, Humble Bundle is having a Spring sale at their store with various flash sales, and is releasing a full bundle per day.


Meanwhile, over at GOG (Good Old Games, the DRM-free classic games site), they are hosting their Spring Insomnia Sale due to the success of the Fall one, and are throwing up a new flash sale immediately after the limited quantities of the previous one are eaten up. I swear, you could watch at least 10 or more sales come up and go down in the period of an hour. There's a reason it's called what it is... I would at least take a peek if you hate DRM or just love older games and indies.

Anyways, that's all I have to say and will so you guys later. (Oh, and before I forget, I'll leave the Wednesday and Thursday QotD for anyone to take so I can focus on my work at least a bit more. You guys go ahead decide amongst yourselves who will do it.)

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