So, I know I took a poll on this a little while ago, and I've decided this would be the perfect week to start Monster Hunter Fridays. Morie and I (feel free to change this to Dyram and I) will be hosting a room this week for HR and LR Hunters (anyone rank 5 or less online). Just remember that there can only be 4 people in a room. If anyone wants to host a G-Rank Room or their own HR or LR rooms, feel free to advertise yourself below.

We will have an official post tomorrow to kick things off at 8:00pm EDT Feel free to use this to get your rooms organized. I recommend posting your NNID, Hunter Name, Hunter Rank, and Favorite Weapon(s). (Molly - feel free to start a google doc excel for people to input their MH information)

We look forward to hunting with you!

Keeping in all of Dyram's parentheticals because it's funny.