RIP Iwata-san. Was quite the fun character in the Nintendo corporate hierarchy. But I need to say something - I’m absolutely fucking sickening by all the people online, across several websites, making comments like “good riddance” or “this is good for Nintendo”. Really? To the people saying these things (and I know it’s not the TAY community), fuck you. Like. How fucking vile and scummy can you be? It’s sociopathic invalids like this that make all of gaming worse as a hobby and an industry. For all the garbage shat out of Kotaku and Polygon about self-serving gender politics and other hot-button issues, the core problem in the gaming community is an utter lack of empathy and human decency. And that needs to change. I know this isn’t a great obituary, but seriously, reading some of these comments is like coming home to a sink full of dirty dishes and garbage bags strewn about the house. Shit needs to get cleaned up.

Iwata, you will be missed. Your death was tragic and sudden. I hope your afterlife brings many bananas.