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Pokemon Art Academy, announced last month in Japan, is heading over to the EU, UK, AUS and NZ regions on July 4th. It is due out in the Fall in the US, and it will be available in both physical and digital forms.

There will be forty lessons in the game taking you from Beginner to Graduate, teaching techniques and skills to draw the various Pokemon and to apply to other drawings. New tools to the series include an airbrush and a marker for drawing lines, in addition to the pencils, pastels and paints that the series is known for. Art can be saved to the SD card as well as uploaded to the Miiverse. There is also a free-drawing mode, and many reference images you can display on the top screen (and the ability to import your own via SD card from the system's camera.)


The Japanese announcement trailer can be found here.

You can all be Tracey Sketchit or our very own Bonny 'Stormborn' John soon!

Source: Nintendo of Europe & Nintendo of America.

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