I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY-Blip: Quick Update

Hi folks! For the past month I've pretty much fallen off the radar outside of a few comments. I've been busy with work, school, and the college application process, so I haven't been able to post recently. That does not mean I have given up on writing what I said I would. For Ani-TAY I'm definitely going to finish my review of Colorful sometime soon, and maybe I'll actually get around to watching Nausicaa and Tokyo Godfathers. I was also thinking of chronicling my progress through Etrian Odyssey IV, but that's a huge maybe. I should have more free time soon since I was accepted at Georgetown(yay!) and no longer have to worry about anymore college BS, so the rest depends on my motivation. So uuhhh, that's it. Have a nice day!


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