I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Really glad I didn't give up on this one early on. I like it a lot. Here is my updated first impressions:


- I think I have a crush on Tharja.
- And Nowi. Maybe Panne too. Squee, etc.
- Most of the characters are great.
- The gameplay is standard Fire Emblem greatness.
- The story is surprisingly competent for a Nintendo game.



- Nintendo needs to grow a pair and accept that the word "bastard" sounds cool and "dastard" sounds fucking stupid. Enough with the whitewashing, just write games like a human being would.
- A few of the characters are insufferable; Vaike, snotty female mage, Sumia and Sully come to mind.
- Probably due to aforementioned whitewashing, the dialogue during important events meant to give you feels feels contrived and inorganic. Also boring.
- A common complaint with many games this gen; hard mode is too hard and easy mode is too easy. An in-between would have been nice.
- The battle animations are sooooo slow and boring. You can fast forward them, but there's no option tofast-forward automatically... You have to hold the A button. Why?


But yeah. Solid 8/10 anyway. Still not as great as FE4 or FE7, but probably the best 3DS title out right now.

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