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I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Board Game Club: Zombicide (Tomorrow Night)

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The next board game club is February 21st at 830pm EST.

We will be playing Zombicide on Tabletop simulator. If you have never played it here’s a how to play video or ping me on discord and I can go over basic rules (that I learned watching this video)

This is a paid DLC for TTS but you do NOT need to own it in order to play. Since I own it, it’s free to play with others! I will be polling those who show up with options for the next game so if you even pop in for a minute just to vote that’s fine. I will only be counting votes/suggestions from people who appear during the game.


In addition, I’ve created a role that is self assignable on discord called meeple. This role will be auto added to the event system so that those who are interested but feel they may forget about board game night can sign up and have the bot ping them 1 day and also 1 hour before the game night. In order to assign yourself this role all you have to do is click the meeple icon under the announcement in #events. If you have trouble let me know.


In no way do you HAVE to sign up for it or even use the discord if you don’t wish to. Discord is a nice tool that is completely redundant and unnecessary for this since TTS has push to talk (default binding to the C key).

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