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TAY Board Game Night: My Top Board Game Picks of 2015

Board Gaming has grown huge in 2015. With it being year-end list season, obviously board games had to be given the same treatment. There are always tons of board game releases every year, so I hope to highlight some of the best. Hopefully you’ll find something that strikes your interest, these are truly some of the best releases of the year.

Pandemic: Legacy Season One - I’ve already discussed a bit why Pandemic is already worthy of attention. Pandemic Legacy takes that appreciation to a whole new level. With each game slowly morphing ‘your world’ and creating new and exciting compounding scenarios for the next game, its awesome that truly no two Legacy campaigns can be the same. The finality that your decisions come with is something rarely *rarely* used in board games or any other gaming medium, so choose wisely.


Mysterium - Equal parts Clue and Haunted Mansion, Mysterium is one of those games that a great group will learn to love. One player will take on the role of a ghost, effectively handing out clues to the rest of the players who are attempting to solve a mystery. The ghost must remain silent and can only give the components in the box to the other players, while the players in turn must try to decipher whats given to them to move forward. Worth it for the frustration and hilarity no matter what side you’re on.

T.I.M.E. Stories -Have you enjoyed video games with time mechanics? Rewinding, re-playing sections, or simply giving future hints? Games with mechanics that allow you to travel back in time are rare in about any medium because they can get complex unless kept simple. TIME Stories is a cooperative board game kind of like that, but so well executed it when it comes together and your future-ness leads to alternate paths in the past. A strong story-based gaming recommendation.


Game of Thrones: Card Game 2nd Edition - It seems like every year for the past 3 or 4 years Fantasy Flight Games have dropped a big new LCG to fan acclaim if not critical acclaim. Their last time both fans and reviewers came on board together was the highly regarded Android: Netrunner. While the Game of Thrones LCG has come under a new edition it seems like critics and fans are on-board the same ship again. The new edition features some re-tweaks of the core gameplay to make it friendlier to newbies and clean-up some nagging rules for veterans. GoT:LCG definitely represents the setting well with battles both military and behind closed doors.


Star Wars: X-Wing - X-Wing was released a few years ago, but in this case I want to give special attention to the brand new X-Wing Starter set featuring ships from the Force Awakens. Its a fantastic entry point for fans of the setting just coming in from the movie, or those interested in the game but felt like the amount of ships were too deep to invest. Its in a great place for those who just want to dip their toes in this fantastic game.


There were a lot of releases this year, I hope to cover more games, as well as the new games of 2016 in the coming months! Theres a lot to play, catch-up on, review, and recommend!

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