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TAY Board Game Night: Return Of The Coop

Gentlemen, it pleases me to say that last BG Night was a success! We ended up playing Snake Oil and it went exactly how I expected (read it: I didn’t win a single round). We ended up playing Sheriff Of Nottingham at a later date, and that one was also a hit. It seems TAYers are pretty good at lying and telling stories (go figure).

But variety is the spice of life, so for our next session we’re going back to the realm of co-op. This time I have a very special treat for you all: Mysterium. Just saying the name sends shivers down the spice. In this is a cooperative game of deduction/interpretation, there’s been a terrible murder, and the soul of the victim still haunts this land! Now, one (or six) paranormal investigators are trying to solve this mystery by, how else, coming into contact with the ghost. But the ghost can only communicate in dreams! Confusing, abstract dreams! It’s up to the investigators to interpret them to determine who did it, how and where! Spooky stuff.

And that’s it. Same 8:30 EST time as always, same Wednesday 3rd, same Discord Server. See you there!


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