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TAY Board Game Night: "We Are Merchants" Edition

And we’re back baby.

Hey, remember me? I hope you do cause I have an announcement; Boardgame Nights have been moved to Wednesdays (the hour remains the same, 8:30 EST give or take). After discussing for a while, we came to the conclusion that it wasn’t a good idea to have this event overlap with the usual D&D Night that happens on Thursdays (and by we I mean Aikage xD). Everything else will be the same and with this outta the way, let’s get to it!


I want to host this a little differently from now on. Instead of just setting a game in stone and playing it, I’m gonna go for a “here’s a few options, let’s decide when we get together to play”. I’d think of an excuse to do this but really I just wanna introduce people to as many games as I can. So, since we’ve been playing co-op games for the past few weeks, I thought we shake things up a little with more social games. So let’s get to it:

Snake Oil

Snake Oil is a Party Game to 3-10 players, here you are a totally legit and honest salesperson trying to, what else, sell your revolutionary merchandise! Each round one person will draw a profession card and the rest of the table will create a product that appeals to said customer, using two cards in their hands but here’s the thing, it’s not enough to have the best item, you also gotta be good at selling it! Each player gets a limited time to make their pitch and at the end, the customer chooses whatever pleases him the most. The person that sells the most products wins! Here’s a video repeating what I just said to pad out the length of this post.

Our next game is:

Sheriff Of Nottingham

Sheriff Of Nottingham is also a Party Game, but for 3-5 players. In this one, each round players play the role of merchants, trying to get their goods inside the city of Nottingham and make a profit for themselves. But not all goods are fair and legal, some shady merchants might just try to get some dangerous and much more profitable items inside! And it’s up to the Sheriff (played by another player) to make sure nothing shady enters the town. At least, not without getting something outta that exchange! Will the Sheriff inspect your bag of goods? Or maybe he can be “persuaded” to let you pass. Who knows! Once every player has been the Sheriff twice, the game ends and we the person with the most points wins! Have a video:

And that’s it. As usual, join the Discord chat and all that good stuff! See you there!

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