I'm really feeling it!

Welcome back all of you! Sorry for the delay, but you voted here are the results!

We have a tie!

First off, thanks all Y’all that are taking part on this. Your moderators are happy that more than a single book caught your attention. But in the end, The Alchemist and Murder On The Orient Express both with a grand total of 2 votes tied. So I can either flip a coin or let you undo this tie by choosing one of them, but I don’t feel like flipping anything, so option two it is :)


Note that you’re free to read any of the books we have chosen, but the main read will be one of those two.

So get down to comments and vote! Don’t forget to join the TAY Discord for the more frequent discussions! Look for Nior or Nomadic Dec there to gain access to the channel! See you guys soon!

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