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The neglected Boo.

Poor, neglected Boo.

There's no Boo driver in Mario Kart 8. There's no Boo in Smash to use as a fighter.


It seems the only time we think about Boo is in October, as we get closer to Halloween.

It's heartbreaking, really. What did that Boo ever do to you? Was it the mischievous laugh? Is it those sharp pointy teeth? Their penchant for hide n' seek?

Maybe it's that they're composed of pure evil?


B-but they're so cute! Why do they treat you so bad, Boo.

Today, I'm putting in a good word for Boo: the cutest, evil character in the Mario universe.


The suggested topic(s) for today:

  • Your favourite cutest, evil character in any game franchise.


  • The best Spin Off series for Boo that you could think of. Chocobo get their own games, why not Boo?! Tell me all about that Boo plot. If not Boo, pick a Mario mascot character you'd like to get a spin off. Even Toad is getting one. Yeesh.

Credit: Boo design by artist Balilewis

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