This past Friday I asked for some better names for the newly announced "New 3DS" in my new series TAY Comes Up With. A good amount of great/silly ideas popped up and I've done my best to 'shop some nice logos for them below. You're all winners in my book, that's for sure. Let's take a look, shall we?

Idea by Jeff Seely: Probably the best actual name. I'd buy one.

Idea by Shardik-the-man-bear: The code name known only to Nintendo elite.


Idea by Disturbed Shadow: Telling it like it is.

Idea by Aestevalis: So many features!


Idea by A Bottle of Sunny D: U know U want one.

Idea by UI 2.0 (of course): It's better, trust me.


Idea by The Messiah: Ugly as hell, but it fricken' does EVERYTHING.

High fives and hugs all around for those. If I didn't pick to feature yours I promise it's not because I hate you or that you smell. It's probably because it's midnight and I'm falling asleep. Feel free to suggest a new topic for this coming weeks TAY Comes Up With and I'll set one in motion on Friday. Good show everyone! Good show.