I'm really feeling it!

Like the best cheddar cheese, most of the TAY community is very sharp. This is why I feel we can come up with some great ideas of our own, surely better than the originals. Will this become a series? I guess we'll find out. I think we could come up with some serious gold.

This Weeks Topic:

A better name for the "New 3DS"

Here are the rules:

1. Post a suggestion below. It can be serious or goofy, you know I don't care. In fact you don't have to post an idea if you don't want to, just move on to step two.


2. Look around at other posts and "star" the ones you like the most.

3. The posts with the most "stars" will be made into a reality. Meaning I'll photoshop up a fancy or silly mock up of your idea/logo.

Got it? READY? GO!

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