I'm really feeling it!

Come on in for a second TAY, and let me show you around. :) A land of wonder, and nerdy bliss awaits... You only need to descend these few stairs. :3 Though be careful, falling isn't fun... and yes.. they are real rocks, and they are not soft. haha

First thing you'll see after (safely :P) making it down is this..


Quite a few wallscrolls of different anime. :)
I haven't gotten any new ones for quite some time.. just can't find the right ones.. ya know? :)

If you glance right, after making it down.. you'll see my work bench.

I've been doing electronics related things.. almost my whole life..
Grew up improperly using a lot of tools. :D (Mostly soldering irons... lol)
I usually fix PC's, design silly circuits.. or whatnot.
If it needs soldered, fixed, or created (and I'm not at work).. that's where you'll find it. :D

... but that's not why you're here!
Let's get to the more otaku-y side of the room. :3

Here's a better overview looking in..


We have quite a few chairs and "fat sacks" (huge bean-bags).. lol
They're neat.. but kinda huge.. and take up a good amount of space.

On our Friday eve. Anime viewing nights we push everything back, and position everything around one of the two TV's. The 32" in the entertainment cabinet.. and the 47" in the corner. Both sharing the same PC for video output, it's a lot easier than dealing with streaming/networking options.

So! How about we get on to the main thing to see!
The display cases, and figures. :)


I won't be getting in to all too much detail on what's what.. but if you want to know what a particular thing is, feel free to ask! :) Hopefully, I'll know, and can tell ya!
(kidding.. I know what my stuff is from. heh)

Here's a couple closer pictures of each case. :3


I could do better re-arranging stuff.. but since Kud and Squid Girl came in Saturday (:D), I was a little too busy to fully organize things...
Though if I would've waited until I had things perfect... you probably never would see a Crib post from me. lol So here we are! .. and might I recommend you not wait for that either.. Just get it done, and be proud of it. :D (Also, my camera kinda sucks in lower light.. so sorry for the flash spots.. -.-".)

Anyways! On to the last area worthy of note.
The portable console re-charge area, and board games.
(Munchkin is a very fun.. almost RPG sort-of card game. I highly recommend you try it out one day!)


I was lucky enough to grab a couple of those ClubNintendo, 18 game cases, really glad for that. :D

... and that brings us to the end of this trip!
I hope you had fun, and found some interesting things!
Dig through the pictures, and since I'm unsure how Kinja handles large pictures.. here is a photobucket link. :D

If you found anything you want to talk about, go for it. :D
I'd love to answer any questions.. or to just ramble about how Spice and Wolf deserves a third/fourth/fifth season! lol :D

I hope this inspired a few of you to get on your crib posts too! (perfect or not :P)
I'd love to see them as well!

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