I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

Newegg has the Uncharted PS4 for $280.


Groupon is also have a deal where you can buy $100 Newegg gift card with 1 year premier membership for $80 using the code, LOCAL20. Create 3 Groupon accounts, and simply buy 3 of this deal.


To earn additional saving, sign up and use ebates for an additional 10% in cash back when shopping at Groupon. Make sure to install the add-on for your webbrowser for a bonus $5 back. In the end, you’ll get back at least $24 in cash back.

After that, use one of the premier membership to give you free shipping. And use all 3 gift cards to buy that PS4 leaving you with a gift card balance of $20.01 to get whatever, maybe pay towards a bigger harddrive.

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