I'm really feeling it!

Hello hello! TAY Discord turns 2 this month and in celebration next week we will be having a few different fun activities on TAY and in the server itself.

So far we have lined up:

  • Trivia
  • Giveaways (whooooooooo wants Dark Souls 2 PC?!!?! Killing Floor 2? Half Life 3?!)
  • Contests
  • Games (Easy mode scavenger hunt?)
  • Cake (emojis)
  • Karaoke Rap Battles
  • TAY reads the Life is Strange script (Gonna be hella lit fam *spins a fidget spinner*)
  • And More (TBD)

If you’re already there I tip my hat to two years of the largest social experiment conducted under the sokovia accords. If this is the first time you’re hearing about it well, what better time than the present to show up and try to steal prizes from the old timers!?


C’mon in!

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