I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

TAY Discord Birthday Week is Over

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We had a lot of fun last week doing trivia, having daily giveaways, watching Maximum Overdrive, the world’s worst movie about self driving cars (until the inevitable elon musk biography I guess), reading the life is strange script and MORE!


Thank you so much to each and every one of you that stopped by and participated in some way. I hope y’all had fun and here’s to another year spent whiling away our work hours debating whether pizza is a sandwich and which maid is best (9, for the record).

We did have a few last things to sort out:

1. To anyone who won a giveaway and still needs to claim their prize please contact me. I’ve been away trying to fix our new house up and haven’t been around much to dole out free games.


2. The following people can claim a free game of their choice from the list below. The order by which they can claim is the order by which they are listed. (These were the prize point questions)

  • Meathead 8
  • Kidechka 3
  • DisturbedShadow 2
  • RandomKing0x70 1
  • ExistentialEgg 1
  • Nior 1
  • Gugsy 1
  • Dec 1

3. The winner of our Trivia and a one week admin ship is......

Mortal Dictata with 11 points after a tiebreaker question

Final Scores

  • Novibear 2
  • AlmightyDuke 1
  • DisturbedShadow 3
  • Cat Russell 6
  • Dec 6
  • Mort 11
  • Gugsy 5
  • Nior 4
  • Meathead 10
  • RandomKing0x70 4
  • Abracadaniel 2
  • Kidechka 2
  • ExistentialEgg 3
  • Doommuck 2

and that’s a wrap! Contact me to claim all prizes. Thanks again for helping make TAY the great place that it is!

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