I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
Someone please help me make a logo I am SO BAD at photoshop
Someone please help me make a logo I am SO BAD at photoshop

Recently we had an open suggestion period for people to give the admins advice or ideas on what they’d like to see happen. Some were silly (ExistentialEgg suggested a few times to “burn it all down”, Quiddity suggested we pay him so he didn’t have to go to work), but most of all the suggestions were great. Here I’ll outline each and every suggestion received and after hilarious deliberation, what we the admins finally came up with. As always, you can join the TAY Discord using the link:


Suggestions have been paraphrased for clarity and to give some context.

Suggestion #1: When a user is disruptive or breaks a rule he is given a strike and sent to the #cornfield channel. Instead, muting the member entirely for a set period of time seems like a better idea.

The #cornfield channel was meant as a gentle reminder that you had been a baaadd boy or girl or furby. In theory it was a neat idea but in practice it turned out to be kind of useless. We pretty much unanimously agreed that this is a good suggestion and will be implemented post haste.



The #welcome ruleset has been updated to reflect this new policy.

An announcement was made in the #announce channel to let people know of the new change.


Suggestion #2: Since there’s no more NSFW channel, I’d like an outlet to post NSFW content with my friends.

Taking NSFW off the menu was a very conscious decision to move TAY away from that content. Although it was a “hidden” invite only channel, it still felt awkward and out of place on the official TAY server. Some thoughts:

1. If you want porn, there are tons of other discord servers out there where it’s the main topic.


2. TAY is not really the place to get your jollies.

3. NSFW content you want to share can always be done via direct message if you think a particular person would really enjoy it.


Action: None. Status Quo remains

Suggestion #3: Since the channel structure was recently changed, I’d like the admins to be more lenient in the beginning with strikes while we figure out which discussions are meant for which channels. I’d like the admins to be pretty generous with written warnings and reminders for awhile.

Of course! We’re all sort of learning how this works together and as admins our main goal isn’t to kick, ban, and ostracize people. We want to make the place somewhere where you can feel safe to express your feelings without fearing that your opinions are going to get you banned. In general we’re pretty lenient with strikes I feel. During this sort of transition period, we’ll try our best to be even more so.


For those of you who may feel like joining us, feel free to hop on and if you ever have a problem the admins are usually on 24/7. We LIVE TO SERVE YOU. Ok not really 24/7 but most of us can be reached for a good majority of the day. DS and Abracadiel bring up the graveyard shift, and Kidechka, me, Quiddity, and DS are usually there most of the day as well.

Action: gentle reassurance XD

Suggestion #4: I am a bear and I love to sing. What kind of event can we do where people come into voice chat and play or sing music? I’m not too concerned with microphone quality or sound settings. Does something like this sound feasible?

This was one of our more fun suggestions and Quiddity valiantly took up the cause. Keep your eyes peeled on TAY for TAY Discord Karaoke!! We’re shooting for some time in October so there’s plenty of time.


Action: Quiddity will be putting up a post and running a TAY Discord Karaoke. Any and all are welcome to join. It’s just for fun or “shiggles” as Novi put it.

Suggestion #5: TAY Giveaway fund: Anyone who wants to, throws in a few dollars. After some time or when a money milestone is hit, we do a giveaway raffle drawing for all “active” users who enter. Prizes would be games, plushies, merchandise, etc.

Tabled for now. The number of variables involved as well as the danger of handling real money makes this one...possible, but not probable. Especially not right now.


Action: Ban Aikage

Suggestion #6: TAY Charity Stream. Utilize the big name streamers we have and try to do a friendly competition to see who could raise the most money for charity.

None of us have any real experience doing this so while it may be a good idea, probably not going to happen right now.


Action: Scrapped the idea maybe/tabled for now for sure.

Suggestion #7: TAY Podcast. I just wish there was some kind of TAY Podcast!

Did you know! TAY actually has TWO podcasts. There’s SQGAT run by Ben and found iTunes, and DisturbedShadow’s TAY PODCAST FUN HOUR WITH FRIENDS (working title (that I just made up (but that I think is perfect))) on iTunes (reminder to self: put links here when DS and GBD get mad at you for not linking.)


Action: Shill

Suggestion #8: TAY Discord AMA. This could be a bit of a member spotlight or we could find people with particular knowledge that could offer advice to people seeking to start on their journey of building the most realistic trebuchet ever.

Starting soon. Seeking “experts” or people with specialized knowledge about gaming topics. Sign up below!


Actions: I need to contact a few people and see if they’re interested. If you feel like you’d want to be the person to have questions send me a message on discord.

Suggestion #9: Add Custom Hello/Goodbye messages

I love this idea! It adds community involvement! To recap: When a new user joins, or when a user exits the server Awesomebot will cycle through a list of preset messages. These messages can be changed to whatever someone wants.
So this suggestion is asking if the users can change the list of things that Awesomebot says. I’m all for it! Click the link below to add your own and I’ll add them to the bot’s list when I have the time.


Action: Made a Google Doc where people can add in their ideas. Pinned the google doc to the general channel.


Suggestion #10: More Casual Low Involvement game nights ie. Pop up CAH or single night roll20 campaigns

Another great idea that may require a bit more manpower than we currently employ. For CAH I can say that if you pop up in discord and make a CAH game and post the link, people will join. People seem to like that game (NOT ME IM OLD AND A HUMORLESS BORE!!!) so they’ll join. For something like a roll20 campaign it’s a bit more difficult but we can give it a try if anyone wants to spearhead it.


Action: an Admin can create a temporary room if you want to play CAH just ping @admin or usually one is talking. Contact us if you want to run a casual game night, we’re always willing to help you with the logistics.

All right thanks to everyone who took the time to write in some suggestions. We’ll have to make this a semi regular occurrence. That link again is mr. plow that link again is http://www.discord.me/tay

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