I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

OK, I thought this might be a decent Idea to try. So instead of dealing with the folks on the main page we could have a discussion of a topic on TAY. Some new information has been coming out at an alarming pace in the last 2 days I think and now we know there is a new Alien game coming out. From Creative Assembly it's more like the original film: one alien, no real idea what to do, and apparently not loads of guns firing constantly.

So for my part I wasn't really a big fan of the idea of the main character being Ripley's daughter, but looking at this now it seems like it does give people some context. I mean the world of the Alien films has a lot of possibilities from the ships like in Prometheous funded by massive corporations to the ships like in the original film that are tight and cramped. Ripley's lifespan was ridiculous, but figuring the daughter might not have done any sort of cryosleep we can figure out a time period.


And the way they describe the encounters seems interesting. I like the Sid Meier "games are interesting choices" philosophy. So in this game you apparently are going to be in a sort of survival horror situation attempting to deal with problems only to have the alien show up. I think it's a good idea actually. So long as this idea actually works there could be a really cool survival horror game coming down the pipeline. But what's the worstcase scenario now? Like are the times the alien shows up random or is it always going to show up when "x" happens? And what about the multiplayer and co-op that was mentioned in another article?

Can an Alien game really work? And at this point is it really going to cover interesting ground? I mean, aren't there already a couple of other games that do this? That said I am plussed. The video makes it sound like they understand what they're doing, like they wanted to build up the alien and make this game hold true to it's mechanics. Describing it as a difficult process they sound like they really might have stuck to their guns for what could easily turn into a Colonial Marines...

So what do my Taytans think? Isolation enough?

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