I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!

We've all heard about the controversy surrounding GTA V and its depiction of women by this point. Opinions abound on both sides of the discussions. Many people feel a woman character would have helped greatly in this regard.

I've read a quote ( one that I cannot directly attribute to someone with a quick Google search, and will probably not get with 100% accuracy) that the easiest way to write a good woman character is to write a male character, and just gender swap him at the end. It's worked for numerous film characters, the most well-known example being Ripley from the Aliens franchise.


So my question to you, my fellow TAYtor Tots, is which GTA V protagonist would have worked out best as a woman? I'm of the opinion that Franklin would have been the easiest and possibly best choice for a gender-swap. Michael's character arc is supposed to be a look at the classic American nuclear family, and I don't know if it would have worked out as well had Michael been the wife in the relationship. Trevor being a woman might have created more issues than it would have solved ( would the controversy be lessened or amplified by a woman waking up naked in the desert when you switch to her?). Franklin being not a whole lot more than an up-and-coming criminal looking for a way out of the life, I feel he would have been the easiest to make into a woman character.

I'm sure opinions will vary. What do my fellow poTAYtoes have to say?

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