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I'm really feeling it!

TAY Dojo: A Kotaku Fighting Game Club

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Welcome to TAY Dojo, a new column-slash-club of sorts where Kotaku users can discuss their favorite fighting games and plan matches! What can you look forward to in this column and discussion area, exactly? Well, I'm not entirely sure, and that's where you all come in! What kinds of things would you, my fellow Kotaku users, prefer to see? Currently I have the following types of topics and subjects planned:

  • In-depth fighting game reviews
  • Tips, tricks, and general advice
  • Character profiles and guides
  • Newbie guides for even the most competitive fighting games
  • Tournaments and casual group match nights
  • ...And whatever else you'd like to do!

The TAY Dojo hopes to be a great place for all kinds of Kotaku fighting game players to connect and discuss their favorite fighting games! I need your help, though! What kinds of topics would you like me to write about? Would any of you want to help write posts for the Dojo? What days of the week are you usually free for casual match sessions? At first I would like to do some simple reviews of some popular fighting games like Street Fighter IV, Persona 4 Arena, or Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, and after one of those I could delve into the mechanics and techniques that intermediate and professional players swear by to claim victory. While I'm not exactly the best player in the world, I consider myself well-versed in fighting games enough to be able to write something like this on a regular basis, and I hope that this idea takes off! Since there is no topic outside of suggestions for this post, feel free to suggest anything you might like to see, or answer any of the questions above!


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