I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Election: Voting today

In addition to Voting in person today there is another vote that you may want to partake in. Throughout the month of October our candidates have ceaselessly campaigned to win your vote! The next TAY mod (for the month of November) will be decided by tomorrow and if you want your voice heard now’s your chance.

To quickly recap our candidates:

1. Seething Hatred: this guy skipped the debate, showed up at the end and said, “obviously I’m the best choice for a mod because I’m never around when you need me”. This was, in fairness, the sickest burn the current mod team received all campaign.


2. SirMarth: He owns a lot of PC games, promises to never play any of them if he becomes mod. Very relatable.

3. Meathead: He has said a vote for him is a vote for disappointment. Likes: heavy metal music. Dislikes: people named Becky.


4. Cat Russel: He made a commercial which I’m not allowed to link here because my ethics committee says I’d be influencing the vote. Has claimed his crypto startup, TAYBUCKS® is going to revolutionize the payment we receive for our reviews.

5. Novibear: the usual shoe in to win any Tay event, novibear stumbled when during the debate he let slip he has a whole server for his friends...that none of us are invited to. It’s possible we thought he was making copious typos, but he was really posting the invite link I suppose.


6. Raitzeno: He likes to violently cook, has promised to Make TAY Anime Again, and is probably the only person to answer truthfully in the debate. He is really hoping to mobilize the weeb vote.

7. Gugsy McSnugsy: he wanted to be a write in but I wouldn’t let him. He is a cantankerous fellow but he did create the TV channel on discord called #boobtoobcloob. Gugsy is your centrist candidate who promises to get nothing done because he doesn’t want to.


Cick below to cast your ballot

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