I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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What now?

Real elections suck*, so why not throw your hat in the ring of a very ridiculous, very low stakes election for Modvember!???!


Nominations are now open (self nominations via Discord) to become the next very abusive, very unfair mod of TAY Discord (for a month). With this unlimited power you can.....uhh....uhhhh....kick people, and uhm, see the super secret admin channel! WIAO!

I’d say it’s just for fun but I have a feeling this is going to be DEADLY serious.


Schedule of events:

  • Week of October 1st: nominations, first campaign stop on Friday.
  • October 13th: 9pm First debate (all are welcome to attend, there will be an event sign up)
  • October 16th: Second campaign stop
  • October 27th 9pm EST: Second/Final Debate
  • Tuesday November 6th: Vote!

Campaign Stops

Campaign stops are posts put up on TAY where the candidates can air all of their campaign ads.  Hopefully these remain very serious and professional at all times.  We’re serious people here on TAY. Highest caliber.  pip pip, cheerio and all that.


* Real elections are actually great, and I wholly encourage EVERYONE to get out and vote that is able to.

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