I'm really feeling it!
I'm really feeling it!
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TAY Elections: Results

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I’ll start from the bottom and work up to the winner in order to uhm, create tension.


First up: Voter fraud

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Apparently someone named, “Aikage” voted twice in this election and he has been referred to the voter authorities for his disappearance.

What is something you think could help grow our community?

  • GMG and Kinja magically becoming not total shit garbage :/
  • viagra
  • Keep the community more interactive to keep them active
  • TAY Discord tshirts
  • More advertising anywhere you can*shrug*
  • Advertisements? Who knows.
  • Promoting ourselves outside of TAY.
  • Buisiness cards, social media, etc.
  • actually doing things with TAY for once.
  • Game nights or more lol random events and give aways
  • Revive the gaming TayChannel, and hold game nights
  • Cat girls

I’ll be addressing these in a separate post at some point, but I think that we need to find some people to really organize and run events. A rotating cast of people who are willing to run movie/game nights, etc. Shout out to Scullysaurus, and Nior who have stepped up and successfully run events, and shout out to DS for his sixty days of writing challenge!


What kind of community activities (if any) do you want the new mod to run?

  • Drawful tournament, possibly as our next “election” method. :p
  • naked twister
  • Boobtoobcloob, bring back trivia,
  • Album of the week could be fun
  • Group playthrough of games
  • International Maid Relations
  • Game Nights, Movie Nights
  • Trivia/game nights
  • Movie/game nights are fun. I like voting.
  • collective nut on cat’s mom day when december rolls around.
  • Anything
  • Movie night game night
  • DnD
  • Cat girls for science

Seeing a lot of “trivia” in there and so I’m happy to announce that Gugsy has volunteered to run a trivia something, whether that be next season of Quiz Bowl or just a nightly trivia night for awhile, either way - keep an eye out.


To Everyone That Didn’t Win, But Was a Candidate:

Without people participating in events, the events are kind of useless. So as a thank you for showing up and participating, you are free to pick your own custom color for the month of November. Thanks again for helping to make the community what it is!


And Finally, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. Please welcome...

Cat Russell: Ghost Cat

as our November mod. It was probably that commercial that put you over the top. If you haven’t seen it I’m sure he can link it for you! Prepare for pain as he has promised to make people battle it out in the Thunderdome as his first act.



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